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Flag Banners

Feather flag banners are the perfect outdoor and indoor signage solution for drawing attention to your business, product, or promotion. The flag is made from a 4 oz. polyester material, which is weather resistant and extremely durable, making it perfect for using outdoors. The pole set is made from a combination of lightweight aluminum and fiberglass poles for durability. Using the ground stake, the flag can be placed in grass or soil. We also offer additional base options that will allow for the flag to be displayed on hard surfaces and indoors as well. Click the links below for the design templates for each size if you plan on designing your custom feather flag before uploading them to our design tool.

Flag Pole Attachments

Ground Spike

Cross Base

Water Weight Bag

Use this water weight bag to add additional

weight to your Feather or Tear Drop Flags

Banner Stands with the Cross Base

attachment.  Recommended use with our

cross base for our feather or tear drop flags

banner stands when placed outdoors.



This Ground Spike can be used with our

Feather Flags or Tear Drop Flags. A steel

chrome finish spike that allows you to

place your flag anywhere.

This Cross Base allows you to display your

Tear Drop or Feather Banner Stand on flat

surfaces without having to put a ground spike in.

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