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ADA Signs

California – one of the most ADA compliant states in the nation – is also the most ADA litigious.  Under California law, any violation of the ADA is considered a civil rights violation and subject to a minimum statutory penalty of $4,000, plus attorney’s fees.  Any disabled person who encounters a building condition that does not meet the accessibility requirements of the ADA or the California Building Code (CBC) is entitled to file a lawsuit and receive a minimum of $4,000 in statutory damages plus attorney’s fees.  While the ADA laws were enacted to protect  the rights of the disabled, they have also led to an expensive flood of ADA lawsuits by individuals intent on taking advantage of the system.​

Product Details

Materials Used: Acrylic, PVC, Aluminum, Digital Prints

Use, Longevity & UV Stability: Permanent indoor, Wide Range of colors and styles available Customization available,

Meet Specific code regulations, Tactile & Braille requirements are professionally manufactured

Applications: Hotels, Offices, Hospitals, Public Buildings, Restrooms, Exit Signs, Room Signs.

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